Innovation Lab Support Assistant

Status: Full-time

Job Definition: The Innovation Lab Support Assistant (ILSA) is responsible for instruction and assisting library customers in the use of Makerspace technology. The ILSA performs regular maintenance on the library's Innovation Lab equipment (3D printer, etc.). The ILSA must also possess strong instruction and support skills to successfully train and assist a wide range of customer skill levels.

Duties and Responsibilities: Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

- Deliver technology-related instruction and support to individuals or groups of library customers

- Create lesson plans, supplementary materials, and documentation related to the use of publicly-available library technology

- Perform job-related administrative tasks, such as maintaining session statistics, granting and recording Innovation Lab customer privileges, scheduling support appointments, etc.

- Process, install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot new and existing library technology equipment as assigned

- Manage, record, and report levels of technology-related consumable materials on a regular basis

- Participate in the promotion of technology-related instruction and resources available to library customers

- Assist and/or collaborate with other staff in the development and/or execution of library programming events as necessary

- Bring technology related news and items of interest to the attention of staff

- Pursue professional development opportunities and activities (with approval of library director) in order to keep abreast of latest technological advancements that may be applicable in a library setting

- Perform library-related work as assigned for the efficient and effective operation of the library


- Prior experience in relation to a relevant instructional position

- Proficient knowledge in commonly used computer hardware and software

- Some college (degree strongly preferred)


- Exhibit a desire to contribute to the library's public service mission in an atmosphere of helpfulness and friendliness

- Act in a manner that exudes a commitment to excellent customer service and support

- Possess and model interpersonal communication skills in person, by phone, online and any other means

- Demonstrate the ability to instruct, cooperate, and collaborate with library customers and staff

- Set specific, measurable goals that are realistic but challenging, with dates of accomplishment

- Enlist support in obtaining the information, resources, and training needed to accomplish his/her work efficiently

- Notifies library director about any problems that interfere with the accomplishment of assigned work

- Identifies multiple possibilities and analyzes these possibilities to decide to decide on the best course of action

- Anticipates potential problems and develops preemptive solutions

Physical Demands:

- Lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, kneeling, climbing, and similar movements when occasion requires

- Occasional pushing 50-100 lb. dolly and handling moderately heavy equipment when the occasion requires

- Visual acuity sufficient to view computer screens for extended lengths of time (4-8 hours)

- Ability to hear

- Ability to work in a seated or standing position for long periods of time

Work Environment:

- Climate controlled environment

- Barrier free work area

- Public work area

Other Information:

- All employment at Reeves County Library is considered "at-will" employment

- Hours of work are dependent upon the public service hours of the library. Employees are required to work a flexible schedule that may include evenings and/or weekends

Please submit an application and a copy of your resume to the Reeves County Library Circulation Desk located at 315 S. Oak St. Pecos, Texas.